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Plant Directory

Butterfly bush, Pugster Blue®

Buddleia x Pugster Blue®

The Buddleia x Pugster Blue® is a dwarf variety of butterfly bush, which is very compact and produces large blue flowers.

Catmint - Walker’s Low

Nepeta x faassenii, Walker’s Low

Catmint produces numerous light blue flowers on long stems. Leaves are silvery green, aromatic, and preserve well by drying. Catmint works well as ground cover.

Coneflower - Kismet® Series

Echinacea purpurea Kismet® Series

The Kismet® series boasts a variety of cultivars with blooms of intense coloration - from golden yellow to bright raspberry. Blooming starts mid-summer and continues to autumn. Large flowers are great for attracting beneficial pollinators.

Coneflower, Intense Orange

Echinacea purpurea Kismet®, Intense Orange PP28769

This varietal from the Kismet® series starts blooming in late June and continues throughout the summer. Large, deep orange flowers are fragrant and great for attracting beneficial pollinators.

Coral bells - Alum Root

Heuchera x Fire Chief PP21880

Coral bells are a small native plant. They have gorgeous deep reddish burgundy leaves with delicate small white and pink flowers on delicate stalks. Flowers from spring to summer. Foliage transitions from red to darker hues with time.

Dogwood - Greensleeves

Cornus kousa, Greensleeves

Dogwood - Greensleeves is a wonderful specimen plant. It is fast growing, has dark green leaves, and is a very heavy flowering cultivar.

Dogwood - Tatarian, Ivory Halo(™)

Cornus alba, Ivory Halo

Dogwood - Tatarian is a 4-season triumph, offering vivid colors all-year round. Leaves are variegated, possessing green centers surrounded by ivory-white edges.

Hellebore, Lenten Rose, Hybrid - Royal Heritage(™) Strain

Helleborus x Royal Heritage(™) Strain

Hellebore, also known as Lenten Rose, is one of the first to flower, sometimes even when snow still covers the ground. Blooms are multi-color. Also evergreen.

Hydrangea - Bigleaf, Bloomstruck®

Hydrangea macrophylla, Bloomstruck® PP25566

Hydrangea Bloomstruck® possesses large blue to light pink blooms on long reddish purple stems, making it perfect as a cut flower.

Maple - Red, October Glory

Acer rubrum, October Glory

Red maple is a native tree with vibrant red flowers in spring, come autumn, leaves turn a deep shade of red.

Ninebark, Ginger Wine®

Physocarpus opulifolius, Ginger Wine® PP28695

Ninebark Ginger Wine® is an elaborate native shrub with attractive flowers and foliage from spring to autumn.

Onion - Ornamental, Millenium

Allium, Millenium

This ornamental onion, Allium Millenium, produces large 2-inch light purple blooms on long, thick green stems. Allium blooms throughout the summer and works well as a fresh cut flower.

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