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Grow with us!

Together, Alex and Jenna have revitalized Good Earth Nursery and Garden Center with offerings which speak to their environmental stewardship. Alongside their two young children, a tiny gang of farm cats, and the occasional chicken, they work to provide the best plants and products to the New Jersey gardening community. 

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Alex Stein and Jenna Krug are native New Jerseyans. Alex grew up in the East Brunswick area and Jenna is from Millstone Township. They met 20 years ago at the University of Rhode Island, each pursuing majors in environmental sciences - Alex in natural resource sciences, and Jenna in marine biology. Graduate studies and work opportunities took them on a cross-country trek to southern California. Jenna continued her graduate studies in marine ecology at Cal State Northridge, and Alex simultaneously worked as a forester for the Los Angeles County Fire Department and completed a masters in public administration. 


During their time in southern California, Alex and Jenna enjoyed the incredible landscapes and fresh foods produced in nearby valleys, but they also became keenly aware of the toll such practices take on natural systems. As a forester, Alex managed the LA County’s native plant program and worked to repopulate deforested areas to combat erosion, prevent fire hazards, and mitigate the use of herbicides to control invasive plants. After completing her masters degree, Jenna worked in conservation centered on restoring natural habitat for endangered steelhead trout in California’s coastal creeks. Though their work was never directly linked, their projects were fundamentally connected by the ecological processes governing the health of mountain to sea ecosystems. Their knowledge of the interconnectivity between human practices and impacts on the environment informed their choice to take a leap towards building an environmentally-conscious business.


When the opportunity to continue the Good Earth legacy arose, Alex identified it as a way to deploy his ideas about balanced practices between human pursuits and environmental sustainability. They also viewed Good Earth as a chance to start a new chapter in their lives, situated among family and friends in New Jersey. 


Today, Alex leads Good Earth and can be found on the grounds and in the greenhouses tending to young plants, maintaining watering systems, and consulting avid gardeners about organic fertilizers. Alex runs the day-to-day operations and really enjoys getting his hands dirty. He’s constantly learning about how to integrate native plants into suburban gardens, and provides great insights on hardy perennial plantings of trees and shrubs. He’s also keen to work with you to identify which plants and trees are best suited for your home and gardens. 


As co-owner of Good Earth Nursery and Garden Center, Jenna supports the business by assisting with greenhouse tasks, sales, and any other daily shenanigans that arise. While she’s always been inclined to work in aquatic realms, her career path has shifted from working with salty fishes to the freshwater ways of New Jersey. Since returning to New Jersey, her primary work is focused on monitoring water quality to ensure both environmental protection of watersheds and public safety. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to research and conservation efforts which encourage environmental sustainability, and her role in Good Earth is an extension of that practice.

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