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Stop in and check out our great selection of organic and sustainable gardening products, home and garden décor, locally made soaps, and lots of other goodies for yourself, your home, and your garden!


Create a beautiful garden with these environmentally friendly products: organic fertilizers, insect, deer and other animal repellents, horticultural sprays, and other plant care products.

Beneficial insects are an important part of healthy ecosystems. Supporting sustainable gardening and growing practices helps create healthier environments for plants, insects, and humans.


Organic plant care products are formulated from natural products and eliminate the need for synthesized additives. Most organic products use whole source natural components, like sea kelp, which impart nutrition to soils and plants in a comprehensive way.


By using organic plant care products, you reduce waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure unwanted chemicals aren’t added to the environment.


Everything you need to create the garden of your dreams. Gloves, tools, watering supplies, and more!


We carry organic Botanical Interests seeds throughout the year and are happy to help you figure out what to plant and when! We also carry organic seed-starting soil, and other supplies for successful seedlings.