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We are proud to offer a large array of plants, products and specialty services to cover all our customer's gardening needs. We understand that every garden is as special as their owners. We covered some of the most asked questions by our customers. 

For more information, visit our nursery or contact us directly!

  • Do you sell soil, mulch, and fertilizers?"
    Yes, we sell a variety of soils, mulches, and fertilizers. We have organic and sustainable options available.
  • Do you sell garden tools?
    Yes, we have all the basics and essentials to get you started - from garden gloves to potting trowels to lawn and garden equipment.
  • Can you help identify plants and trees?
    Yes, we do our best to help identify plants and trees you may already have or would like to purchase. Come to the garden center with photos of the plants. Close-up photos of leaves, stems, flowers, and any fruits, and even leaf/branch/flower samples will help us identify plants and trees for you. You can also contact us via email.
  • When is the garden center open?
    We are available year-round by telephone and email. Our garden center will be open for in-person shopping on March 15th. Our regular store hours are Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm. Our online catalog is currently being updated, and will be available in the coming weeks.
  • Do you sell garden tools and accessories for kids?
    Yes, we have an assortment of gardening accessories for kids. Please stop by the shop to browse our selection.





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