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Good Earth Nursery and Garden Center is a independently-owned business based in central New Jersey. We are a full-service garden center providing all growing essentials. 

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Expert Advice

Profit from our knowledge!

Questions about how to build better soil, grow healthier vegetables, or what to plant at your new home? We’re here to help.

Native Plants

We provide a variety of native plants, which support local ecosystems by improving soil quality, attracting beneficial pollinators, and serving as a food source and habitat for wildlife.

Free Landscape or Gardening Consultation

Need help in setting up your dream garden? Let us know and set up an appointment now.

Farm Fresh Flower Arrangements

Contact us for your your custom flower arrangement.

Custom Orders

Can't find what you're looking for?

Let us know and we will do our best to find it for you and bring it in for you at no additional cost!


Can't fit that big crape myrtle in your car? 

No worries! We can arrange for delivery!

Container Gardening

Let us design and plant your container for you. Simply bring it in and let us know your preferences (color, wildlife attractions, height, etc.) and we'll do the rest. We can also arrange for delivery of finished containers.

Custom Wreath Design

For the holiday season, check out our large selection of wreaths.

Contact us or visit the nursery. We are here to help!

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