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Dogwood - Tatarian, Ivory Halo(™)

Cornus alba, Ivory Halo


Dogwood - Tatarian is a 4-season triumph, offering vivid colors all-year round. Leaves are variegated, possessing green centers surrounded by ivory-white edges. In May and June, flat topped creamy white flowers appear and then develop into half-inch bluish-white fruit. In the autumn, leaves turn reddish green. Branches are a vibrant red throughout the winter and work well in cut arrangements. This small shrub grows well in sun and partial shade, is wet site tolerant, and dry shade and clay tolerant. It’s hardy and pest-resistant. They will also perform well in containers.

Ornamental shrub
Colorful foliage and twigs
Will grow in containers
Food source for wildlife


Height: 5 ft.
Spread: 5 ft.
Bloom color: Creamy white
Bloom time: Spring
Foliage: Variegated, green center with white edges
Fruit: Bluish-white, ornamental
Soil type: average, moist
Exposure: Sun, part-shade, shade tolerant
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4

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