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Servicecherry - Apple, Autumn Brilliance®

Amelanchier x grandiflora, Autumn Brilliance® PP5717


Apple Serviceberry is a small-sized native tree. Small white flowers emerge in spring from delicate pink buds. It attracts beneficial pollinators and produces a beautiful and valuable berry prized by many birds and other wildlife. Berries start red and turn a dark, robust purple. Bright green leaves transition to red foliage in autumn. Grows well in sun and part-shade, prefers average, moist soil, but tolerates a wide range of soil mixtures. With colored flower buds appearing early, and foliage turning red in autumn, Apple Serviceberry is a beautiful 3-season addition to the garden.

Native tree
Fruit ornamental
Fruit edible
Attracts beneficial pollinators
Food source for wildlife, especially birds


Height: 20 ft.
Spread: 15 ft.
Bloom color: White
Bloom time: Spring
Foliage: Green to red in autumn
Soil type: average, moist; wet site, salt, clay soil tolerant, black walnut tolerant
Exposure: Sun, part-shade, shade tolerant
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4

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