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Sedge - Weeping, Evercolor® Everillo

Carex oshimensis, Evercolor® Everillo


Weeping sedge is a great ground cover perennial. The foliage starts as a bright, vibrant green and then transitions to golden colors. As an evergreen, it adds texture and color to gardens year-round. Sedge is also deer resistant and helps with erosion control. It will grow well in sun and part shade, and prefers average and moist soil types. Sedge - Weeping, Evercolor® Everillo is also deer resistant.

Hardy perennial groundcover
Erosion control
Deer resistant
Works well in winter containers


Height: 18 in.
Spread: 18 in.
Foliage: Green, golden yellow, chartreuse
Soil type: average, moist; dry shade tolerant
Exposure: Sun, part-shade, shade tolerant
USDA Hardiness Zone: 6

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