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This deciduous flowering tree, Prunus Okame, grows to heights of 25' feet and is known for its bright pink blossoms in the spring. It requires full sun and well-drained soil to thrive. Prunus Okame is drought tolerant and prefers to be fertilized in the early spring and late fall. Its attractive foliage turns to yellow in the fall and can be a nice addition to any yard. Interesting facts about Prunus Okame include its ability to attract pollinators and its fragrant flowers. With proper care, this tree can be a beautiful addition to any landscape.


Tree dug to order.


  • Height: 25'
  • Space: 15'
  • Light Requirements: Full and partial sun
  • Soil Requirements: Well-draining
  • Hardiness Zone: 5
  • Bloom season: Spring 


  • Tree will be dug to order. Once order is received please allow time for our diggers to prep your tree. We will contact you when it is ready. Delivery is available from our farm to your location. 

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