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The Acer Campestre, also known as the Field Maple, has a beautiful, light green, three-lobed foliage that turns yellow in the fall. Its bark is smooth and grey-brown, with a corky texture. It is an excellent choice for small gardens and parkland, where it will attract wildlife such as bees and birds. It is a medium-sized tree, growing up to 35 ft tall, and happily adapts to most soils and climates. It can be planted in sun or partial sun, and will provide a stunning backdrop to any outdoor space.


Tree dug to order.


  • Height: 35'
  • Space: 35'
  • Light Requirements: Sun or partial sun


  • Tree will be dug to order. Once order is received please allow time for our diggers to prep your tree. We will contact you when it is ready. Delivery is available from our farm to your location. 

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