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Redbud - Eastern, The Rising Sun

Cercis canadensis


Redbuds are native to the northeastern United States, bearing pea-shaped lavender flowers in early spring. Leaves are heart-shaped. The leaves of The Rising Sun varietal emerge as peach-colored, then transition to a vibrant bright green, and mature to a deep green. Leaf colors are simultaneously present through early summer, making for a stunning display. The shrub is versatile and well-suited for growing areas in sun or part-shade. Flowers are edible and make a great addition to fresh spring dishes. Blooms also attract beneficial pollinators.

Native, Ornamental tree
Deer resistant
Attracts beneficial pollinators
Flowers edible
Food source for wildlife
PHS* Gold Medal Plant


Height: 15 ft.
Spread: 12 ft.
Bloom color: Lavender/Purple
Bloom time: Spring
Foliage color: Multicolor
Soil type: average, clay soil tolerant, black walnut tolerant
Exposure: Sun, part-shade, shade tolerant
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5

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